A Community shaping business in the modern world

We aren't very serious people, but take our mission very seriously.

If you: 

  • Are a good person
  • Are interested in business and marketing
  • Want to create positive change

Welcome. You'll fit right in.

What's this all about?

better business: Leading by Example

In an era where capitalism reigns supreme and political ineptitude is only overshadowed by political apathy, progressive leaders in business are working to better the world around them on their own terms. Whether you're creating a product that makes the world a better place, promoting an internal culture that challenges the status quo, or finding entirely new ways to move the world around you, businesses are the new influencers.

We're a community of professionals working to learn from each other and help one another achieve our individual aspirations. With your help we'll push boundaries throughout modern business culture and structure, making a better life for our neighbors, our stakeholders, and ourselves.

Better Marketing: innovation over manipulation

We want to inspire marketing and business culture that earn customer loyalty, rather than leeching it with snake oil.

This isn't just blind idealism. Companies have little to lose, and everything to gain by focusing on adding value for their customers over convincing customers of the value that just isn't there. If done well, the rest takes care of itself.

1. Respected Brands

A brand built on image or overreaching promises is destined to fail: oftentimes quite spectacularly. However, those that provide real value for customers by offering more than the competition quickly cement their places in our lives.

I'm not just talking about offering lower prices or more product. More value comes from making customers' lives easier and their experiences better. If done consistently, brands evolve from distant pushers into trusted partners.

2. Loyal Customers

These better brands gain a different type of customer: one that supports them and will even work to see them succeed. In a society oversaturated and underwhelmed with advertising, people want more. A company that solves a problem or makes life better earns an army of grassroots campaigners who can't wait to share the good news. 

3. Empassioned Employees

Much of modern workers' frustrations stem from the inability to draw a connection between their daily efforts and positive productivity. We want our efforts to stand for something, to make a difference in the world and to be important to ourselves and others. It's difficult to find satisfaction in making your company a few more dollars at the end of a long work day. What are those dollars going toward? Were they offered...or taken? Would your mother approve?

When employees have to ignore parts of their business, or even lie to themselves and others to justify their company's actions, passion and commitment are quick to fade. This just isn't the case when a company's focus is to earn money rather than make money. If this truth is embedded into the very core of a business's mission and culture, success will surely follow.

Who's running this show?

Just a couple of hot-shot professionals with alliterative names, something to prove and nothing to lose: 

Exhibit A: Shawn Stone

I've worked as a professional marketer, researcher, and writer in a variety of industries. Never quite satisfied with my work assignments, I've set out to make my own path.

I created this community to fuel and catalogue a lifetime of dedication to the promotion and development of a profitable modern business culture: one founded on ethics and the concept of earning money over making money.

If you're interested in my work, you can check out my personal site at www.killinit.in/creativity.


EXHIBIT 1: eric elliott

From college town bar-back to vice president for a green transportation company, factory worker to librarian working with Google Books; I’ve been it all. As a result, I’ve spent nearly a decade in a variety of industries, across a range of sectors, wishing businesses and organizations fostered an experience that was meaningful to real-life human beings at every interaction point and at every level. 

For me, this blog is a platform where I can collaborate with Shawn and other like-minded individuals in order to explore and develop my philosophy for doing business; one where intent matters. I will demonstrate that, when organizations truly place people first, success (and profits) will be waiting in line, right behind them.