UnMarketing: A Foundational Guide to Ethical Marketing


By Shawn Stone

Bad marketing is everywhere, and Scott Stratten specializes in pointing it out. Lucky for you, he also specializes in offering clear, concisely formed alternatives to every lazy/skeezy/ignorant attempt at marketing he shares. With his book UnMarketing (#unbook), he's taken it a step further by combining these interesting case studies with his own experiences to give you the foundation you need to avoid costly mistakes and (hopefully) find some real success in your marketing efforts.

Here's what you'll get out of it:

  1. A perspective and way of thinking that lets you create your own engaging, effective marketing strategies that attract customers on their terms instead of shouting out and falling flat (It's bolded because it's the most important part, and if that's all you get it's worth every penny.)
  2. A solid understanding of why and how to successfully use social media to communicate with your customers
  3. An almost unhealthily robust understanding of Twitter
  4. Detailed guidance on personal branding
  5. A book that is easy to pick up and tough to put down, with a little something for everyone

Scott Stratten is is a Canadian, so you know he's a nice guy. I'm half Canadian myself, which is probably what keeps me just polite enough to squeak by with the square crowd.

In fact, the book itself is written in language that pretty much oozes that laid-back, endearing nice guy feel. The boy you went to high school with that cracked jokes that were just a little too cheesy and who didn't quite fit in, but really pulled it together in college (probably).

The most appealing thing about the book is its bite-size formatting. Chapters are short and sweet, broken up into little case studies for you to absorb and reflect on in the little 5-10 minute breaks you can find throughout a busy day. No worries about losing your place or having to reread sections to catch back up.

Not everything in the book will apply to everyone, but quite a lot of it will. There are also plenty of more in-depth and professional level marketing materials out there that will target specific audiences and techniques. However, if you don't have the core concepts in UnMarketing in consideration for every decision you make, you may as well spend your time banging your head against a wall. Your audience will thank you for sparing them the wasted time.

You can see and hear the essential gist of Scott's philosophy echoed by quite a few of the modern marketing elite (Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, etc.), as well as our own About Page. Marketing is about offering value to customers, and you're targeting real people (not just wallets).

By the time you finish the book you'll start seeing marketing everywhere you go, and with new eyes.

The reason UnMarketing (#unbook) appeals so strongly is its overabundance of real-world examples that put this philosophy to use. By the time you finish the book you'll start seeing marketing everywhere you go, and with new eyes. You'll dissect it as good or bad and be able to extrapolate on why and how it can be improved upon or modified to work for your own needs.

If this sounds like a book you could use (and you know it does), it's just a few bucks and you can always gift it to a friend or colleague when you're done for major social points; you get bonus points if you leave in witty and thoughtful notes throughout the pages.


And here's the pitch...


Do us a favor and grab a copy through our link here or by clicking on the picture of my own copy below. Amazon will give us 10% of the cost of the book, as well as a smaller bit of anything else you buy (the price is the same for you either way)...so if you're going to go ahead and get that new boat, now's the time! Why stop there? You could just do all of your shopping through our link and keep us running for a year at no cost...I'm kidding (I think?).







Hey, whoa! You found the secret bonus mini-review!

Scott and his lady (Alison Kramer) also have a podcast named shockingly, UnPodcast (I said he was nice and knows his stuff, not creative). If you really dig his casual style, humor, and ragging on crappy marketing examples, you'll like this podcast.

The flip side is, after listening to about 15 episodes I let it fade away and eventually unsubscribed. I listen to a LOT of podcasts and spend a lot of time reading, so I really value every minute of my time. I start to get frustrated if I haven't learned anything helpful or interesting after a few minutes of listening.

Scott and Alison have a tendency to get way off topic, and just generally ramble on and chat for longer than I'd like. They openly admit to this on air and their many, many, many fans don't have a problem with it. I just think it's one of those things where format makes a difference to me. I'll keep my Stratten in the written word.

If you aren't me, and I'm pretty sure you aren't, give the UnPodcast a listen and check it out for yourself. At the very least, you'll probably get some laughs in at their goofy banter.