Unselling: The New Customer Experience


by Eric Elliott

Nobody likes to be sold to. Nobody likes to be coerced and nobody likes to be pushed. It's weird and it's gross. According to Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer though, it's worse than that: it's just plain rude. 

We've been following Scott Stratten for a while now and Shawn recently reviewed his book, Unmarketing. I just finished reading Scott and Alison's followup, Unselling: The New Customer Experience, and I can tell you that you will be hard-pressed to find a book that does a better job of explaining why it's so important to focus on building a loyal community around your brand or product. Stratten and Kramer expertly intertwine their perspective on the customer/brand interface with case studies in a way that informs, inspires, and entertains.

Why should you check out Unselling?

  1. It will help you build a fan-base, not a customer base.

  2. Unselling pushes its readers to see beyond the traditional sales funnel and forces them take a more holistic approach towards the customer experience. You'll learn why everyone, from the recruiter to the CEO, needs to support an awesome customer experience.

  3. Stratten has an almost pathological need to expose branding gone wrong. As a result, Unselling is as much a how-not-to manual as it is a how-to for brands aspiring to achieve greatness and avoid infamy.

  4. When you’re finished reading Unselling, you will know that your brand is more than just a logo and that the content you produce is more than a catchy headline. You'll come away invigorated, knowing how you can add value to your customers’ lives in a way that goes way beyond shilling any old product or service

  5. Unselling places a lot of demands on you as a business-person, but not as a reader. Scott and Alison's writing style results in a book that is approachable for those new to the game, but still immensely useful for veterans.  

Doesn't it look a lot more fun to have fans?

Scott likes to bring up this statistic again and again:

60% of the purchasing decision is made before the customer even makes contact with a brand.

As a result, you need to pay attention to your customer and positively engage with them at every phase of their journey with your brand, not just when they're prepared to buy. Stratten and Kramer employ an extremely effective and easy to understand paradigm for the customer experience: the pulse. Focus on your customer's pulse and you'll be well on your way towards developing an army of advocates. Ignore your customer's pulse, and you're one insensitive tweet from driving away customers for good. 

The philosophy presented in Unselling may not be new, but Scott and Alison's focus on creating a genuine, human experience for every individual customer at every level and touch point is an argument that cannot be made enough. If you think you know what's good for you and your business, move Unselling to the top of your reading list: then you really will know.

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