Foresight: A Friendly Guide to Growing Your Business with Professional Customer Surveys


By Shawn Stone

I've spent just over a month putting this book together as a means of saying thanks to the Money Earned community. No matter what kind of business you have, a professional customer survey can offer great rewards. I've compiled years of professional market research experience and laid it out into (what I hope is) a clear and helpful guidebook for amateur and experienced professionals.

To quote part of the book's intro...

"Reading this handy little book and following through will get you on the way to:

  • Happier customers who are being acknowledged and appreciated
  • Improved products or services through detailed feedback
  • Awareness of problems or benefits you haven’t even noticed
  • Improved marketing and messaging targeted to your specific audience
  • Confidence from tracking changes in your business over time
  • Thicker, more luxurious body hair."

So you may have guessed from that excerpt or having read literally any of my blog posts that I don't take myself too seriously in my writing. This book holds true to that understanding, but with the added benefit of silly doodles ranging in skill from terrible to just pretty bad. Exhibit A:

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I plan on creating all sorts of books and guides in the future, and you can even help choose the topics by participating in our survey linked on page 29 in the book. I'm looking forward to your ideas!

What do you think of the book? Any questions? Hit me up in the comments or the forum.